What is the high-temperature furnace energy-saving paint?

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What is the high-temperature furnace energy-saving paint?

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What is the high-temperature kiln energy-saving paint? The following is introduced by the kiln manufacturer:

High-temperature kiln energy-saving coating is a high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly new product for industrial kiln. It can be directly sprayed on the surface of refractory materials of various high-temperature kiln furnaces or the surface of water-cooled wall tubes of steam boilers to form a hard ceramic glaze. The surface hard shell serves as a coating for protecting the furnace body, extending the age of the furnace, and effectively reflecting the infrared heat energy in the furnace. The high-temperature kiln energy-saving paint significantly improves the heat transfer effect in the furnace, reduces black oil emissions, and saves fuel consumption by 5% to 35%, which is very suitable for industrial furnaces above 300 °C.

High-temperature kiln energy-saving coating consists of refractory powder, transition metal oxide, blackening agent, sintering agent and suspending agent. It is sprayed on the inner wall of industrial furnace to form a coating of 0.3-0.5mm. A new type of energy-saving material. It has higher use temperature and economic value than general far-infrared coating. It can be used in rolling steel heating furnace to save fuel, protect furnace lining surface, prolong furnace life, improve furnace thermal efficiency, shorten oven time and improve The heating rate of the heating element and the furnace operating rate.

At present, the energy-saving coatings commonly used abroad are mainly composed of SiC powder, and in addition to this, other series of energy-saving coatings have been developed. Heating furnaces using high-temperature energy-saving coatings generally achieve an economical effect of energy savings of 0.7% to 2% and increased furnace productivity of 20% to 28%.

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