The effect of carbon burning before blasting on blast furnace smelting

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The effect of carbon burning before blasting on blast furnace smelting

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What is the effect of the burning of carbon before the tuyere on blast furnace smelting? The following is a introduction from the professional of Taiyuan carbon furnace:

(1) Provide the main heat source needed for blast furnace smelting

The heat consumption such as preheating of blast furnace charge, evaporation and decomposition of water, decomposition of carbonate, direct reduction, melting and overheating of slag iron, heat dissipation of furnace body and heat taken away by gas are mostly supplied by coke burning before the tuyere.

(2) Providing the reducing agent required for blast furnace smelting

The result of the carbon combustion reaction produces a high-temperature reducing gas CO, which provides a reducing agent for the indirect reduction of the upper solid charge in the furnace body, and brings heat to the upper part of the blast furnace as a heat transfer medium during the ascending process.

(3) Provide the free space required for blast furnace cutting

The combustion of carbon in front of the tuyere provides about 40% free space for the blast furnace to cut off, ensuring the continuous decline of the charge.

(4) Affecting the initial gas flow distribution in the blast furnace

The combustion zone is the birthplace of blast furnace gas, and its size determines the initial distribution of the gas flow, which will affect the gas flow distribution throughout the furnace and the blast furnace forward.

(5) Affect the quality of pig iron

The burning state of the carbon before the tuyere determines the temperature level and distribution of the hearth, which in turn affects the slag formation, desulfurization and other chemical reactions between the slag and iron, and ultimately affects the quality of the pig iron.

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