The main part of the coke oven

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The main part of the coke oven

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What is the main part of the coke oven? The following is introduced by the coke oven manufacturer:

The modern coke oven body consists of three main parts: the carbonization chamber, the combustion chamber and the regenerator. Generally, the carbonization chamber has a width of 0.4 to 0.5 m, a length of 10 to 17 m, and a height of 4 to 7.5 m. The top is provided with a coal supply hole and a gas riser pipe (on the machine side or the focal side), and both ends are closed by a furnace door. The combustion chamber is on both sides of the carbonization chamber and is composed of a plurality of vertical fire channels. The regenerator is located in the lower part of the furnace and is divided into an air regenerator and a lean gas regenerator.

Commonly used control devices in coke oven systems: PLC, frequency converter, configuration software, motors, circuit breakers, contactors, buttons, temperature meters, etc.

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