Coke oven flue waste heat recovery not only saves energy and reduces consumption but also improves economic benefits

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Coke oven flue waste heat recovery not only saves energy and reduces consumption but also improves economic benefits

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The exhaust gas produced by the combustion of coke oven gas in the combustion chamber passes through the sensible heat recovered by the lattice bricks in the regenerator and is discharged into the atmosphere by the chimney. The temperature of the exhaust gas before entering the chimney is 260-300 ℃. The large amount of waste heat contained in the exhaust gas discharged through the flue and chimney cannot be effectively used, and wasteable waste heat energy is wasted. With the increase in national energy conservation and emission reduction policies and monitoring efforts, and the need for companies to improve their competitiveness, such as recovering this part of heat with a waste heat boiler system, not only can reasonably and effectively develop and utilize coke oven exhaust gas waste heat resources, but also solve coking production The self-use steam needed to achieve energy conservation and consumption reduction and improve economic efficiency. To this end, Changlin Energy has developed a coke oven flue waste heat recovery technology project (obtained multiple patent certificates), and adopted measures to recycle waste heat generated by the coke oven waste gas, which can effectively reduce energy consumption and promote sustainable development .
By making online holes in the flue, Changlin Energy uses heat pipe technology and nickel-based brazing technology. By connecting the flue, a heat pipe evaporator is installed between the coke oven flue and the chimney as a heat exchange device. Flue gas waste heat recovery was carried out, and dew point temperature corrosion technology was adopted to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the waste heat recovery system. And produce 0.8MPa low-pressure saturated steam for production use, greatly reducing production costs, and play an energy saving and environmental protection effect.
Taking a coking plant with 1.3 million T / a as an example, it can produce 138,000 T / a of 0.7 MPa steam and realize economic benefits of 23.46 million yuan / a. At the same time, the project belongs to the energy saving and emission reduction project supported by the current national policy. According to the relevant national policy regulations, the national policy support fund can be obtained 4.017 million yuan / a, with a total benefit of 27.477 million yuan / a.