Coke oven safety requirements

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Coke oven safety requirements

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Coke oven safety requirements
What are the requirements for the safety of the coke oven, the following is introduced by the relevant personnel of the furnace manufacturer-next:
1 The top surface of the coke oven furnace should be flat, and the vertical and horizontal pull bars must not protrude from the surface.
2 The coke oven shall adopt measures such as water-sealed riser cover and heat insulation furnace cover.
3 The operator's rest room shall be set on the top of the furnace end table.
4 The riser pipe without vaporization and cooling must be equipped with a heat shield or other heat insulation measures.
5 The design, manufacture, construction, acceptance and management of the riser vaporization cooling device and its accessories shall comply with the relevant provisions of the "Steam Boiler Safety Technical Supervision Regulations".
6. When the water jacket of the riser vaporization and cooling device is short of water, the steam must be cooled to cool down before sending water.
7 Double gas collecting pipes should be used for coke oven. A fire shield should be installed at the lower part of the transverse pipe section facing the riser pipe mouth.
8 The diffusing pipe of the gas collecting pipe should be more than 5m above the walking platform: its opening and closing should be able to be carried out on the gas collecting pipe walking platform.
9 Industrial water pipes for accidents should be installed in the gas collecting pipes, and cleaning holes should be provided in the upper part of the operating platform.
10 It is forbidden to clean the gas collecting pipe within 5m from the carbonization chamber with the riser cover open.
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