Main cause of coke oven damage

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Main cause of coke oven damage

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Main cause of coke oven damage
In the long-term use of coke ovens, subject to high temperature, mechanical force and physical and chemical reactions, the aging and damage of the furnace body is inevitable. What are the main reasons for the aging and damage of the furnace body? Next, the coke oven manufacturer will introduce it to you.
(1) The effect of temperature changes. During the production process, when opening and closing the furnace door repeatedly, loading coal, and coking, the thermal stress generated by the temperature change of the inner and outer surfaces of the furnace wall causes the furnace wall to erode or crack. As the furnace age becomes longer, the degree of damage continues to increase, and extends into the furnace; due to the large influence of the external cold air flow, the coal loading port is also likely to form erosion and cracks; the roof brick of the furnace head is often due to temperature The catastrophe caused a break.
(2) Mechanical force. After cracking or deformation of the wall surface of the carbonization chamber, the mechanical stress generated by closing the furnace door and pushing the coke causes the cracks of the furnace wall to expand and aggravate the deformation of the wall surface. Especially when it is difficult to push the focus, the impact is more serious.
(3) Physical and chemical effects. The silica (SiO2) in the silica brick can interact with the metal oxide (Na2O, FeO) in the coal material at high temperature to form low-melting silicate (Na2SiO3, Fe2SiO4) on the surface of the silica brick. Under the effect of temperature stress and mechanical force such as coal charging, the silicate gradually falls off from the silicon brick body.
The normal aging of the coke oven caused by the above reasons is inevitable. However, there are other reasons for the damage to the coke oven, such as hidden dangers during furnace building, unsuitable brick joint size, no secondary jointing, and inaccurate expansion joint reservation; poor quality refractory materials, refractory bricks and refractory mud Reached the specified technical requirements; the heating rate was not controlled well in the oven; poor production operation, furnace door smoke and fire, many accidents, negative pressure operation in the carbonization chamber, the furnace door or furnace cover often opened for a long time, and flat coking coal was not pushed Normal, etc .; poor iron management of the furnace protection and loss of protection; unstable thermal engineering system; poor thermal repair of the coke oven.
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